Sarah Jessica Parker, of Sex in the City fame


by / Comments Off on INVIVO IN THE CITY? / 86 View / May 2, 2019

THE dynamic team at Invivo Wines is clearly not content just to sit back and enjoy its recent record-setting crowdfunding capital investment offer (which raised over $NZ4 million, $A3.8 million, from 687 investors in just over a fortnight) not to mention its wildly popular collaboration with Graham Norton (think sauvignon blanc, rosé, prosecco and Irish gin). Instead, the team will soon launch a project with actor Sarah Jessica Parker, of Sex in the City fame. With a sauvignon blanc and rosé expected mid-year, Parker will not just be putting her name to a wine, but as with Graham Norton, she’ll be involved in all aspects of its production, from label design to winemaking decisions, including the say over the final blend. Parker is also a shareholder in the company, founded by Rob Cameron and Tim Lightbourne. Winemaker Cameron, says, “We want this wine range to be 100 per cent Sarah Jessica Parker. So other than selecting the base wines for a sauvignon blanc and rosé, I’ll be taking a back seat and letting her create the blends.” Parker is enthusiastic about the collaboration, commenting: “I’m a true wine lover and love including wine in family dinners and occasions with friends, so this is a very exciting and fun project for me. I’m looking forward to every stage of the creation process. I intend to be very hands-on throughout, as I am with all my endeavours, and could not be partnering with a better brand than Invivo.” Cameron clearly agrees: “It comes down to SJP’s palate and preferences. We want to create wines that she loves and wants to drink and share with friends.”