Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Winestate.com.au offers users enhanced access to the websites’ content via paid membership. Membership to the website is open to anyone provided they agree to the terms & conditions of the website. Free membership provides limited access to areas of the website. Payment for membership is only available via online sign-up using our secure transaction process.

As a part of our membership packages, the website also accepts orders for printed copies of Winestate Magazine titles published by Winestate Publishing Pty Ltd.

Subscriptions to Winestate magazine through Winestate.com.au are managed by Winestate Publishing, and by signing up for a magazine subscription via Winestate.com.au you agree to be contacted by Winestate Publishing regarding expiry and renewal of your magazine subscription or any other matters in relation to your subscription. Any subscription or renewal you agree to directly via Zinio (as opposed to via Winestate.com.au) will not include membership to Winestate.com.au.

Credit card security

Winestate Publishing Pty Ltd, owners and administrators of the Winestate.com.au website, always protects your online payments with the Secure Sockets Layering (SSL) 128-bit encryption, the accepted standard of the Internet community. We also use SSL to encrypt all of your personal information that is submitted with your payment or registration and is transmitted over the Internet. The technology is designed to protect your information by rendering it useless, should it ever be intercepted in transit.

Winestate.com.au accepts online credit card payments which are processed in Australian dollars immediately through the Braintree online payment gateway. The Winestate.com.au website does not store credit card information on their website server. As such, you must re-enter credit card information with each payment.

All purchases on Winestate.com.au will appear on your credit card statement as Winestate Publishing.

Refund policy

Members acknowledge that Winestate.com.au does not offer full or partial refund with respect to the membership payments. Each member further acknowledges that once the membership period commences, membership cannot be suspended for any reason whatsoever until the last day of the membership period or until the membership is terminated either at your request or by virtue of non-payment.

Membership to Winestate.com.au is delivered electronically and not restricted to Australian residents only, please note however that the membership fee quoted throughout the website is in Australian dollars.

Delivery policy

Winestate.com.au is published electronically. The publication is available online and part of the content is accessible by members using their personal username and password to login to the membership page on the website.

Upon purchase of membership to Winestate.com.au users will receive immediate correspondence to the email address provided. They will have immediate access to the websites’ enhanced content.

Magazines are delivered by Zinio (digital editions) and/or by Winestate Publishing (print version), on a bi-monthly basis. A one year subscription currently constitutes six issues. Due to the bi-monthly cycle, delivery of the first issue may take up to two months.

Member communication

Members may from time to time be sent email updates, newsletters, reminders and information. We will email members regarding status of their membership, relevant offers and material. All communication, with the exception of expiry/renewal reminders and the welcome email, includes the option to unsubscribe at any time. We value the relationship we have with our members and do not spam.

From time to time you may receive communications from third party partners. These emails are sent by Winestate.com.au on behalf of third party partners, and no personal information is exchanged between Winestate.com.au and the third party partner. We believe the information contained in emails from our third party partners to be relevant and of interest to our members, and never consent to any third party content which we believe to be spam.