Other Whites

Gewurztraminer wine grapes on the vine


Growers and consumers alike often question Gewurztraminer – do we or don’t we?  Try out  versions from Clare Valley, Great Southern or Tasmania and you’ll agree they definitely should. Gewurztraminer is the ideal wine match for the spicy flavours of Thai, Chinese and Indian cuisine.



Although much-admired in the Rhône wines of southern France, Marsanne is a variety that has really only received its full due praise in Australia. It’s like Chardonnay and Semillon but more so.  More honeyed, more peachy and more spicy.  As with its cousins from the Rhône, you won’t see too many of these wines around but if you spot a bottle, grab it as it’s worth trying.  This variety is ideal with white meat, salads and Asian fare.



In Australia, as elsewhere, this variety’s greatest triumph is its sweet wines. Rutherglen in Victoria is a well-known region for Muscat where fully ripened grapes are harvested, then partially fermented and (traditionally) left to mature in barrels. The result? Heaven!  Muscats from north-east Victoria are truly one of Australia’s “gifts” to the word of wine.  A glass of Muscat with cheese or dessert is a wonderful way to end dinner.



Find a Semillon from anywhere in Australian and you’ll almost certainly be able to distinguish it by its warm, peachy character. Hunter Valley Semillon is one of Australia’s best kept “secrets” – although the word is getting out.  Try Semillon with antipasto, seafood or even pork.



Verdelho is a success story Australia can claim as its own and our winemakers believe they have hit on something really special. Look out for this variety in Western Australia, the Hunter Valley and increasingly in South Australia.  It is a great wine match with seafood and light meats such as chicken, pork and veal.  Spicy styles of this wine are wonderful matches with Asian-inspired fare.



Acclaimed for the stunning whites it makes in the Rhône, this grape is on track for more success in Australia than it’s ever received. It’s tricky to grow, however, there are a few regions getting it right, such as the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria and the Eden Valley and McLaren Vale in South Australia.  Viognier is delicious by itself but also great with spicy Asian food or Indian cuisine and its fruitiness combines well with pork, duck and shellfish.

Chenin Blanc_grapes


Chenin Blanc is a favourite of growers from Western Australia, with the Swan Valley and the Peel regions particularly well suited.  It’s appley flavours and crisp acidity do well in hands of the right winemaker – or after a few years in the right cellar.  Try it with cold, smoked chicken or turkey or any other white meat.

Information sourced from Wine Australia